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The best time to invest was yesterday.

The next best time is today. But we usually end up saving our money in the bank as we don’t know what to invest in or we feel it is not the right time or we are simply afraid to lose money.

So, we created this website to share our journey to financial freedom with free information that we wished we knew when we first started.

The Money Monkey principles

Invest Early

Start investing as soon as you can. Investing early and regularly will allow you to benefit from the power of compounding.

Diversify your investment

Invest in a globally diversified low-cost index fund that tracks the stock market. This is a proven long-term strategy that beats most fund managers.

Stay invested

Stay invested regardless of how the stock market is doing. By investing regularly or dollar-cost averaging you will maximize your investment returns.

Products & services the Money Monkey loves

Here are some of the products and services that we use and recommend during our journey to financial freedom. Some of these products may contain affiliate links that are at no cost to you but would help maintain this website.

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US Bank/Credit Card (Get USD10)
certo mastercard
Credit Card (Get CHF50)
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Credit Card (Get CHF40 with code ‘FC4F3R5BU’)
Brokerage (Get up to USD1000)
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Brokerage (Get CHF100)
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Online Bank
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Roboadvisor (50% off)
Cashback Rebates
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CHF Savings
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