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13 Most Popular Questions People Are Asking About UNFCU [2024]

I wrote about UNFCU in my previous blog post. This is a follow-up post that answers the most common questions people have about UNFCU. If you haven’t signed up yet for UNFCU, you can use this referral link. You will get USD10.

What does UNFCU stand for?

United Nations Federal Credit Union

Is it a bank?

UNFCU is a non-profit cooperative that serves the financial needs of the United Nations (UN) community. The headquarter is in New York but there are branches in Geneva. Note that the account is only denominated in USD.

What is the address of the headquarters?

Court Square Place, 24-01 44th Road, Long Island City, NY 11101 USA

When you use your credit card online, sometimes you are asked for the postcode or zip code. The correct postcode or zip code to enter is 11101 (do not enter your home postcode or zip code).

How to find the UNFCU member number?

When you log into your account, you will see your savings and checking accounts. The numbers showed there are either 11 or 13 digits.

For 13 digits, an example would be 101234567001 and 101234567002. The seven-digit number in the middle is your member number i.e. 1234567

What is my account number?

When you open a UNFCU account, you will have a savings and a checking account. The savings account usually ends with 001 and the checking account ends with 002 if your account is 13 digits.

How to open a UNFCU bank account?

To open a UNFCU bank account and get an additional USD10, please use my referral link ( Opening an account is very simple and can be done fully online.

To qualify, you have to be either staff or related to a staff of the UN or other affiliated organisations. This covers family members, spouses, children etc.

How to redeem reward points?

Login to your UNFCU account. Then open a new browser window and go to

My favourite is to get cash back! 100 points will give you USD1 and redemption starts at 2,500 points or USD25. Go to Redeem rewards > Cashback. You can select to put the cash back into your credit card or savings/checking accounts.

How to activate UNFCU debit card?

Login to your UNFCU account > Account Services > Card Management > Activate card.

Alternatively, you can give UNFCU a call using the number on the back of your card.

How to pay UNFCU credit card?

You can pay manually each month by logging into your UNFCU account > Loan Payments > Select your credit card, select when to pay, the account and from which account.

However, I prefer to create an automatic standing order to pay in full each month. To do this, login to your UNFCU account > Account Services > Online forms > Credit Card Payment Options Form > Enter your credit card number, select the account to withdraw from and select Pay the full balance when due. 

It is super important to pay your credit card in full every month!

How to contact UNFCU?

You can call, chat, email or visit them ( If you are in Geneva and would like to email them, you can use this email address:

What is UNFCU swift code or BIC?

To get the UNFCU swift code or BIC, you can go to this UNFCU webpage.

  • UNFCU’s registered BIC is UNUNUS31
  • UNFCU’s ABA number is 226078609

What is UNFCU membership share?

Each member of the UNFCU has an ownership share in UNFCU. Each ownership share is USD25 which is blocked in your account. It does not receive any interest but you can get this back when you close your account.

What is the UNFCU routing number?

The UNFCU routing number is the same as the ABA number which is 226078609. ABA stands for the American Bankers Association (ABA) and ABA numbers are used to assign unique identifiers to each payment-issuing bank.

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