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Hi, I am the Money Monkey.

As a UN staff member based in Geneva, Switzerland, I am living my dream. I love working for the UN and the vibrant city of Geneva. I have a passion for personal finance, but it’s not the only aspect of my life that I am passionate about. I am also a minimalist at heart, who values frugality and finding good deals, but still enjoys the finer things in life such as good meals and traveling.

My financial journey began when I first started working as a civil servant and found it challenging to save money. I was determined to take control of my finances and set myself on a path of learning and experimentation. Through years of reading books, taking courses, researching and discussing on forums, and experimenting on my own financial journey, I discovered ways to optimize my savings, invest effectively, and boost my finances substantially.

Now, I am sharing my knowledge and experience on my blog, The Money Monkey. In Chinese Astrology, monkeys are said to be intelligent, playful, creative and curious. I am very curious and have a strong desire to learn and explore.

My goal is to help others achieve financial freedom and security by providing education, inspiration, and empowerment. I believe that personal finance is a critical component of overall wellbeing and that anyone can achieve financial freedom and security with the right knowledge, tools, and discipline.

In addition to my passion for personal finance, I believe that living a minimalist lifestyle, being mindful of your spending, and balancing your financial goals with the things that bring you joy can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Note: I am not a financial advisor and the information provided on this blog is for educational purposes only. Please consult with a licensed financial professional before making any investment decisions.

Target FIRE number

CHF2,1 m

A theoretical sum of money that, once achieved, allows you to stop working. This is based on the 4% rule and it is equal to your annual expenses multiplied by 25.

Target Portfolio

80% Stocks (globally diversified)

For your money to continue growing and not run out, you need to invest it in a portfolio of a globally diversified index fund.
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