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Hi, I am the Money Monkey.

When I started working in an international organization in Geneva as a civil servant, it was a struggle to save money. Every month, after paying for rent, food, entertainment, travel, and shopping expenses, what’s left of my salary went into a CHF savings account.

But I wanted a financially secure future and eventually, a comfortable retirement.

As a result, I spent many years navigating through the financial jungle in Switzerland by:

  • Reading countless personal finance books
  • Taking financial courses
  • Researching and discussing on various forums
  • Experimenting and fine-tuning on my personal financial journey

While I am not a financial advisor nor do I claim to be (see disclaimer), I found ways to optimize my savings, invest my money effectively and boost my finances substantially.

As a result, I was happier at work knowing that I was not dependent on my salary each month. I felt I had greater peace of mind and newfound freedom to pursue other interests.

That was more than a decade ago.

And now, I am here to help you on your financial journey.

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