Getting ready!

Before we embark on any expedition, we have to prepare for our trip and pack all the right tools and equipment in our backpacks for our journey. Some of the items are required for survival, while the rest are to make it more pleasant.

Similarly, for our financial journey, we also need to know what are the best banks, credit cards, brokerages etc. in the market right now and available to us. I will also show you how to sign up and set up your accounts for your financial journey. Here are some recent posts:

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Basic Kit

Bring along a book!

We have also made a free downloadable e-book for you. It is a Basic Guide to Getting Started in Geneva. Just enter your email and subscribe. You will receive a download link after you confirm the email.


In case of emergencies!

If you get lost or don’t know what to do, please check out the glossary where you will find the definition of the most common terms. Otherwise, you can always reach out to Money Monkey via the contact form.

st bernard rescue dog

Start your journey!

Now that you’re all set up and have your basic kit, we’re ready to hit the Main Trail! Here are some recent posts:

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financial journey backpack